Aikido classes
Self Defense Melbourne
  • Self protection in all ranges of a violent encounter
  • Protect yourself easily if taken to the ground
  • Defeat opponents by knowing how not to fight them
  • The 3 targets to strike that can stop even the meanest attackers in their tracks
  • How not to struggle and instead throw or pin attackers to the ground using their own strength
  • How to relax and be much more powerful
  • If needed, protect yourself effectively without harming your attacker
  • Pain compliance for humane self protection (great for law enforcement)
  • Criminal tactics and strategies
  • How to use your mind and your body weight as your weapons - not just your brawn
  • What to do to exert a minimum of force for maximum compliance from an attacker
  • All-encompassing moves that work whether your opponent is using a weapon or not
  • How to master the "reactionary gap" and dominate an opponent
  • Techniques presented in the most logically-precise way possible, so you can learn them quickly and simply

  • Rape prevention (vital for women) - this stuff would definitely make any would-be rapist sorry they chose you
  • Finally understand why your greatest assets in a self defense situation are not your techniques
  • How to strike someone first, though they attacked first
  • Easily use improvised weapons
  • 3 simple movements that will enable you to evade all types of attacks
  • Self defense & considerations of the law
  • Pressure points that can drop the biggest boys
  • Safety at home, work, school, and in the car
  • Developing a survival mindset and warrior spirit, whether police officer or housewife
  • Situational awareness and instinct development - how to spot and avoid trouble
  • Better conflict resolution
  • Why learning more and more techniques should be your last priority in preparing for possible future assaults
  • Superior balance and self control (physically and emotionally)
  • Quickly pick up some easy self defense moves and study a thorough martial art as well
  • and much, much more!

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Self defense classes


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Monday and Thursday
7:30pm - 9:00pm


1551 Highland Ave., Melbourne, FL 32935


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