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"Don’t You Need To Understand
The Aikido Self Protection Principles That Could Save Your Life Or The Lives Of Your Loved Ones?"

To our friends and neighbors in Melbourne, FL and surrounding cities:

Are you reasonably confident that you could successfully defend yourself against a violent attack, or even worse, an attack directed at your family?

You need to be. We all need to be.

Unfortunately, most people neglect this vital part of life. The reason being is that it takes a very special breed of person to take this important issue by the horns. We here at Rocky Waters Aikido in Melbourne, Florida know you have to be that type of person…or you wouldn’t even be reading this website right now. 

Many Melbourne, FL area residents have already been learning how to protect themselves and their families while having a great time in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We are looking for folks just like you who want to join us in our training and reap all the same benefits we at Rocky Waters Aikido enjoy right now. 

Let’s get right to the point about what you will be learning in your Aikido self protection classes…


A Proven Aikido System

The major difference between typical traditional martial arts practice and training at Rocky Waters Aikido is that our system is based on modern street tested techniques - not merely theory or ritual. What you will practice here is already in use in militaries and police forces around the world. The program was developed here in Melbourne, Florida over a seven year period in which real criminal encounters and fight situations were analyzed. Only techniques that could be used quickly and effectively were kept. All other techniques were discarded, leaving a concentrated Aikido which operates on simple martial principles. Nothing is ever watered down. You will learn these same principles that apply in all sorts of scenarios:

  • How to take even the biggest men down from any angle
  • The simplest but most brutally effective strikes to use
  • Defend yourself while standing or even flat on your back on the ground
  • Punishing moves against grabs, kicks, punches, sticks, knives or guns
  • Quickly defend against the most common attacks such as headlocks, bear hugs, and strangles
  • How to deal with multiple attackers
  • What must be done to end any confrontation immediately
Rest assured, these techniques have withstood the toughest test of the street. We know they work because Melbourne, FL area Rocky Waters Aikido students have already had to call on their training to protect themselves:
  • One lady with just a few classes under her belt immediately dropped a man who laid hands on her in a parking lot. She used one simple move that you will learn too when you join.
  • Another young man was assaulted at school while his back was turned. He was able to use what he learned at Rocky Waters Aikido to take his assailant down with no harm to the attacker.
  • A Melbourne, FL man with just a few months of training was forced to use what he learned to defend a woman at his work.  He inadvertently sent a large, angry biker, who intended do him some serious harm, to the hospital. This student only needed a single technique...and even that one he had learned in just one class.

These are just a few examples, and there are more. The question is: are you now ready to learn what they did in case any of this happens to you?


Expert and Qualified Aikido Instruction

Each instructor at Rocky Waters Aikido in Melbourne, Florida is and has been an expert in the field of self protection and personal safety. All are certified instructors with years of training and experience under their belt. Rocky Waters instructors know what works! You’ll always learn from experienced professionals at Rocky Waters Aikido. What you will get are by-the-numbers, step-by-step, clear instructions where all your questions are good questions.


Custom Designed System Just For You

The Rocky Waters Aikido system was specifically adapted for the busy professional, homemaker, or Melbourne area student. The class is designed to be fast, lots of fun, and most of all, enlightening…giving you real skills for dealing with the serious problem of crime and personal safety. Since Aikido techniques are not dependent on upper body strength and big muscles, anyone can benefit from this or woman, younger or older.

All Aikido classes are also exclusively for adults, where we can be honest about the reality on our streets today and practice for it in an environment where safety is our first priority. Every lesson is designed to be just like jumping into a playground for grown-ups. We love kids at Rocky Waters Aikido, but children already have so many of their own martial programs to go to. We believe that it's time for us adults to have classes and time to play just for ourselves. Because of this, you will find yourself right at home with our strong sense of community here at Rocky Waters Aikido in Melbourne, FL.

Your Aikido self protection training will definitely help build the confidence you need to protect you or your family in a life threatening situation. However, this is only a part of our special program. It’s not just about self protection and learning a few throws or pressure points. Each enjoyable lesson is also designed to give you a cardiovascular workout, while developing your self-control, focus, and warrior mindset as well. Training regularly at Rocky Waters Aikido in Melbourne, Florida also offers the additional (literally) “life-saving” advantages of:

  • Weight control
  • Tangibly reduced stress
  • Increased power, strength, and flexibility

The bottom line is this: No matter who you are... no matter what kind of shape you're need this.

Call today to get started right away with one week of free classes in Rocky Waters Aikido ™ self protection. We’ll see you on the mat!


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